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Associates And Counsel Get Raises At This Biglaw Agency

The 2021 associate compensation wars are only just getting started. But, we are starting to hear grumblings from certain Biglaw attorneys that they’re getting left in the dust. As has happened in previous raise cycles, counsel at Biglaw firms are wondering if they’ll be included in the largesse being given out in Biglaw. Well, at one Biglaw firm, they don’t have to wonder anymore.

Yesterday, Pillsbury Winthrop announced raises across the United States. But, unlike many firms, Pillsbury put counsel on the compensation grid. So no individualized memos or crossing of fingers that the most senior attorneys will be made whole at year end. Quite a nice change of pace, and one I’m sure counsel are appreciating right about now.

Here’s the new salary scale at Pillsbury, effective July 1:

Let’s check in with attorneys at Pillsbury for an exclusive reaction to their raises:

Well, there you go.

You can read the firm’s full email on the next page.

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