Courtroom guidelines on deadlines, contempt in James Crossing upkeep circumstances

All three said the mold in their units remained and described how maintenance workers would spray bleach on those spots and wipe them off.

Suzanne Claxton, a regional property supervisor with AHF, described work orders that listed repairs conducted on their units.

Most were opened in August, when attorneys for the tenants first wrote letters to AHF about their conditions, and closed around when the court order was entered.

Claxton said AHF had contracted for mold testing to occur, but no remediation took place. She said AHF had contracted with a restoration company to address the mold issues by November but had yet to be added to its schedule. AHF then contracted with another company on March 26 but was told it would be four to six weeks before crews could get to the apartments.

Circuit Judge Mike Doucette found AHF in contempt of the September order in all three cases on Friday, ordering that one tenant be relocated to a hotel at no cost to her until the mold in her apartment was taken care of.

Three other tenants with similar issues filed cases in January, and attorneys told Doucette they’d draw up an agreed order for those cases to be signed early this week.

While the details of maintenance requests for those tenants are still being hammered out, any who are still living at James Crossing should be put up in hotels as per that order, and AHF will be relaying regular status updates to the tenants and the court, according to Jeremy White, managing attorney with VLAS, who’s leading the James Crossing cases.

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