Former Ocala Fireplace Chief Shane Alexander hires a lawyer to research his termination

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OCALA, Fla. (WCJB) – The termination of now-former Ocala Fire Chief Shane Alexander remains a major topic of discussion for City Council members and residents at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

Last month council members voted to keep Sandra Wilson as the city manager after she fired Alexander.

Now, this may soon turn into a legal battle as Alexander has hired a lawyer to investigate his sudden firing.

He was terminated on June 25 for what the city cites are numerous reasons. Including undermining the city council and management, by actively campaigning to replace city council members.

Residents were on both sides of the discussion speaking for and against Alexander.

Patricia Schafer said she wants Alexander to be hired back.

“It has caused political confusion in the council, but most of all the chief’s termination has called into question the priority the city places public safety for our community.”

Former Councilwoman Mary Sue Rich added that Alexander shouldn’t be a city manager.

“I have all the respect in the world for Shane Alexander, but as a fire chief I don’t think he qualifies for this position.”

Now Alexander has hired a lawyer to investigate what his lawyer said is a very concerning, lack of truth letter.

“Very abruptly after 27, 28 years it’s over without much explanation. Four bullet point letter, very vague which my office over the last few weeks has done our best to digest and start doing our own investigation and it’s very concerning,” said Jeremiah Greathouse, Alexander’s lawyer.

Council President Justin Grabelle added that he knows a lot of people are still shocked about the situation, but as a council, they don’t have the authority to hire Alexander back.

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