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A black man who received a multi-million dollar settlement after being shot and paralyzed Florida The adjutant died in 2013, his lawyer said Thursday.

Lawyer Jack Scalola said Palm beach post Dontrell Stevens died on Sunday due to complications related to his paralysis. Scarola has filed a civil suit against a 28-year-old man. Palm beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Stevens had been hospitalized for three weeks before his death to deal with bedsores and other problems, Scarola said. He remained paralyzed from the waist down after the 2013 shooting.

“Dontrell had a very sad and difficult life,” Scallola said. “I hope he had some relief as a result of the resolution of his proceedings, but any relief he had was very short-lived.”

A federal jury in 2016 awarded $ 22 million after Stevens filed a proceeding. This is the amount Palm Beach Sheriff Rick Bloodshaw refused to pay.After years of negotiations, Bradshaw provided Stevens with $ 4.5 million, but the state Legislature In 2020, it surpassed it by $ 1.5 million and awarded a $ 6 million payment approved by the Governor.

Deputy Adams Lynn followed Stevens in a police car after Stevens cycled across a busy road. A videotape from Rin’s dashboard camera showed that when Stevens saw Rin behind him as he boarded the duplex parking lot, he slowed down his bike and jumped.

Rin, Asian American At the 2016 trial, he testified that Stevens was trying to escape and jumped out of the car and cut him off. The video shows Stevens walking towards Lynn after jumping off his bike. When Lynn fired four seconds after Stevens jumped off the bike, the lieutenant was out of sight of the dashcam and Stevens was almost out of sight. Stevens is back in sight with Lynn right behind him and is still firing.

Lynn testified at a 2016 civil trial that Stevens placed his left hand behind his back and flashed a dark object that he thought was a gun. However, the dashcom video showed Stevens holding his cell phone in his right hand and his left hand empty.

Stevens’ lawyer claimed that Lynn must have pulled out his gun shortly after leaving the car.

The jury ruled that Lynn had infringed Stevens’ civil rights, and it took three and a half hours to stand by Stevens.

Prosecutors wiped out Lynn’s criminal misconduct and he remained employed by the Palm Beach Security Office.

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