Minimize to the Chase: Podcast with Gregg Goldfarb interviews Mike Burns, an attorney attempting the case in opposition to 3M, regarding the newest verdict relating to the allegedly faulty earplugs 3M equipped over 1 million U.S. troopers.

MIAMI, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On this week’s episode of Cut to the Chase: podcast, host Gregg Goldfarb interviews Mike Burns, an attorney for many of the soldiers involved in the largest mass tort case ever.   Mike was one of several attorneys that conducted the first two trials involving four cases against 3M, the supplier of the allegedly defective products.   The first verdict involved 3 veterans who suffered hearing loss and tinnitus due to the alleged defects in the earplugs.   After a 5 week trial during May, the jury awarded these veterans over $7 million for their injuries.    Shortly thereafter, the second trial took place concerning just 1 veteran and the jury returned a verdict in favor of 3M.   Listen to this episode and the prior episodes to understand what these results mean to the 250,000 or so veterans still involved in that case.   The next trial begins in a week.

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