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Morning Docket: 06.03.21

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* George P. Bush is launching a run to be the Attorney General of Texas. Maybe someday, Oliver Stone will make a movie about him called “P.”… [CNN]

* Derek Chauvin’s lawyer is requesting that his client only be sentenced to probation and time served for Chauvin’s involvement in the death of George Floyd. [Insider]

* The District Attorney in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, is allegedly no longer allowing plea deals with a lawyer who called out systematic racism in the local criminal justice system. [CBS News]

* A lawyer claims that coaches forced a high school football player to consume a pepperoni pizza even though they knew he did not eat pork. [New York Times]

* A Republican Congressman is reportedly ducking service of process for a lawsuit related to the January 6th Capitol riot. [CBS News]

* The Missouri Supreme Court has ruled that a $3 fee to pay for a sheriff’s retirement fund was unconstitutional. Think of what the Party Planning Committee could have done with that money… [Fox News]

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