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Will The Tremendous-Contagious COVID-19 Delta Variant Change Biglaw’s Reopening Plans?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of conflicting information between the World Health Organization and CDC on this issue [concerning extra precautions for the vaccinated]. I don’t think law firm leaders are really grappling with it yet, because they’re all hoping people are going to be vaccinated and this won’t be an issue.

Kristin Stark, a law firm consultant with Fairfax Associates, commenting on how Biglaw firms may (or may not) choose to deal with the COVID-19 Delta variant when it comes to their plans for the reopening of their offices, and whether vaccinated people should still have restrictions. Thanks to the Delta variant, “[p]eople might have to get more cautious” and it may “slow down some of the firm return to office plans or changes how they go about it,” said Lisa Smith, another Fairfax law firm consultant.

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